Our Story

- 黑丸的故事 -

Started since 2006, BlackBall was founded by Mr. Tang, an accomplished tour guide & dessert connoisseur in Taiwan - who has traveled far and wide to taste the best. As soon as he discovered this local gem - Grass Jelly - that has not only tastes good but is good for health, Mr Tang quickly recognised a need to herald this discovery to the centre stage of the world.

Finding a gem to present was half the battle. The other half was that in reality, there are indeed a lot of challenges in effort of starting up a business and establishing a global brand, let alone making it a success.Obstacles were met by both brothers who have also worked very hard in their research and development in aim of developing grass jelly that is both world class and unique. Using natural ingredients and incurring high costs, they finally succeeded in realising their aim. The brand, BlackBall, in the length of a year was met with success and a standing ovation after a year of very hard work, sweat and tears.

2006年, 一位資深導遊領隊,在一次偶然的帶團行程當中,來到了仙草的故鄉【新竹關西】品嚐到了一碗當地的傳統嫩仙草,但也因為這碗仙草,讓黑丸嫩仙草從此萌芽,這個在臺灣人眼中毫不起眼的嫩仙草,卻讓黑丸創始人【唐英偉】深深折服在它的美味之中,並產生了想要讓更多人都知道台灣仙草的美味念頭。但是,唐英偉先生也非常明白創業維艱的困難之處,深深知道一人計短二人計長的道理,便極力遊說哥哥唐克偉先生跟他一起向困難挑戰。 唐克偉在聽完弟弟的話之後深深被這個理想所打動,毅然決然的放下穩定的工作,離開了家人,獨自北上跟著弟弟一起向夢想前進在創。

業初期兄弟倆人因為沒有任何經驗,光在研發仙草的這一塊就吃盡苦頭,但也正因為沒有經驗兄弟倆用最單純的作法,土法煉鋼 ; 用最天然的食材,高成本製作只為了想要創造他們夢想中的那個真實味道,經歷了將近一年的辛苦淬鍊,黑丸的招牌終於在兄弟倆的淚水與汗水之中誕生。如今,在东南亚各地都可以找到黑丸的踪影,继续的把我们傳統的嫩仙草发扬光大。